Gamle riksvei, Bodø
The medieval Bodin Church is the oldest surviving building in Bodø. Some sources suggest it was built between 1240 and 1273.
The church building has undergone many alterations and it is difficult to distinguish one from another. It is not known if the very first church on the site was built in wood or stone, but the current church's main material is stone. The oldest parts are built during the early gothic period. The orientation is east - west with the main entrance towards west. The white stone walls are limewashed and there are pitched roofs over the nave as well as over the chancel where it is both lower and narrower. A semitransept has been added to the south. An octagonal ridge turret with a copper clad onion-shaped spire rests on the chancel roof next to the nave. The windows are narrow with a semicircular arch and the corners have exposed ashlars. The vestibule is a wooden construction with dark red vertical cladding and a steep slate roof.

Year of construction


Building Type

Community centre

Construction System / Materials

Dry stone walls


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Bodin kirke
Bodin kirke
Bodin kirke
Bodin kirke
Bodin kirke