The interior dates from the 17th and 18th century with the altar piece from 1670 and the pulpit from 1600s. The stone alter is from the 14th century and there are wooden sculptures from the late middle ages. The paintings on the stair rail to the pulpit were painted by Gottfried Ezekiel and were commissioned by titular bishop Friis in 1754.

Extensive works was undertaken in the period 1962-1964. The church was at this time reconstructed to its 18th century looks. Architect was Knut Nordhøy, Oslo.

A new organ, which was a copy of a 18th century baroque organ, was installed in 2003. A gallery was also added and the ceiling was redecorated at the same time. Architect was BOARCH arkitekter AS, Gisle Jakhelln.


Bodin kirke