The church has a basilica plan. Natural light streams in from both the side aisles and from the clerestory windows, located on the walls of the central nave. The side aisles are separated from the main nave with arches.

This type of design provides a high-ceilinged and airy nave. The height is emphasised by vertical constructive elements that originate on the floor and lead to the highest point of the ceiling. The sanctuary room is clad with unpainted panelling. The remaining details, such as the mouldings and the columns are painted in light, pleasant colours. The church was panelled on the interior with wooden-coloured pine panelling in the 1960s. Underneath today's panelling lies the original panelling.

All of the furnishings in the old church were destroyed by a fire in 1903. Therefore the church bells, paten and chalice, pulpit and altarpiece were new acquisitions in 1905. The baptismal font was donated as a gift in 1910. Today's organ, crafted by Ryde and Berg, has 21 stops. Some of the stops are taken from the old organ.

Several carvings adorn the church, both on the exterior and interior. For example, the poles have corbels that are adorned with carved masks. The light-coloured walls and the high ceiling bestow the sanctuary room with a pleasant and airy atmosphere.


Buksnes kirke