The Buksnes Church is a long church. The elongated sanctuary room is meant to symbolise the path of mankind or the journey of life, where the "ultimate goal" is the altar, a symbol of paradise. This type of church plan was common in Norway from the Middles Ages until the 20th century.

The main entrance lies at the axis of the church, in the porch beneath the steeple. A stairway leads from the porch to the gallery. Columns divide the large sanctuary room into five parts. The choir, which terminates in an octagonal shape, lies in three raised levels above the nave. Located in the corners between the nave and the choir are the sacristies.

The Buksnes Church has a large sanctuary room. Even though it resembles the chapel in Neiden, the Buksnes Church has dimensions that are longer, wider and taller than this chapel.


Buksnes kirke