The finished school building had the same characteristics as the contest proposal, but the plans underwent changes, specifically the organisation of the various functions. The main building was positioned at the highest point of the site, with two lower wings - the one-storied workshop wing faced north, overlooking the harbour and Vågen. Situated towards the south overlooking the sea, was the two-storied wing housing the residence hall. From a distance the complex's flat roofs appeared very distinctive. The main building materials used were concrete and brick. Varying designs formed in the plaster created patterns or texture on the façades. The main building and the workshop wing, which overlooked the town and the harbour, projected from a recessed pedestal. This photograph indicates that the pedestal had a darker colour, while the buildings had a lighter colour. When seen from the town, the complex seems to hover on the top of Klubben. This is due to the fact that the L-shaped residence hall was situated on a pedestal that inclined upwards from the natural terrain. When seen from this side, the complex appears to emerge from the hill.


Fiskarfagskolen i Honningsvåg