When the farm was purchased in 1842, the main building was in Empire style, build in 1820. It was smaller than today's house. The house from 1820 got two extensions, the "best parlour" in 1880 and a dining room in 1900 - both in the Swiss style. In 1920 the oldest structure was taken down and a new executed on the same site, but larger. The exterior of the dining room and the "best parlour" were remodelled, and the old and new parts got a consistent Neo-classical look. It was designed by the Bergen architect Arthur Darre Kaarbø.

The main building is a lovely and well preserved house. It is a two-storied house with loft, clad with white painted vertical panelling and terminates with a slate covered roof. The façade is symmetric, centred on the centrally located Neo-classical entrance portal. This house seems to be a timber construction, but the main structure is actually made in concrete.