Kirsten Sand (1895 - 1966) was in 1919 the first Norwegian woman to fully qualify as an architect at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim. She engaged in social issues and took part in several housing surveys both before and during WW2. From 1928 to 1938 she ran her own architectural practice in Oslo. Following the liberation in 1945 she travelled to northern Troms to undertake a survey of the housing conditions among the evacuees from Finnmark and northern Troms. The same year she was also appointed as the government's district architect for Nort-Troms with office in Skjervøy. During her time there she was responsible for the design of around 30 different blueprints of reconstruction houses. She moved to Tromsø in 1950 and continued in her post as district architect until she retired in 1966. From then until 1993 she was employed by the city council as a children’s music instructor. This was work she had already taken up while living in Skjervøy.


Mellomveien 130 - Kirsten Sands bolig