The plan and cross section illustrate the building's functions that are organised into three main zones. The functions either have their own volume or part of the building. Located closest to the town centre (towards the north) are the public areas - the main entrance with a ticket office, a foyer and a café. Following this are the two halls and the large stage with a stage tower. Behind this lies a protected area housing the theatre's production area. This area is restricted and is therefore not accessible for the general public. Here one can find a practice hall, joiner's workshop, forge and paint shop. All of the rooms have large openings in the walls, so that elements can easily be removed and packed into transport vehicles when the theatre goes on tour. The building's three zones are also different in relation to the interior surface adornment and use of materials - the public area in the north has the most intricately adorned surfaces using the most expensive materials. The illustrations are taken from Byggekunst 8/2005.


Hålogaland teater