The theatre's main entrance has an external vestibule and is north-facing, towards the town centre. The large glass planes in the foyer create a connection between this area and the building's interior. This is also observed with the vestibule floor and the foyer floor, which are both located on the same level. The theater's administrative offices are localized on the top storey. This volume extends horizontally outwards above the square. The horizontal glass section stands in contrast to the darker glassy wall, which is adorned with blue bricks.

The vestibule acts like an extension of the building. The square is covered with lightly coloured concrete. Here facing towards the town centre is a grove of lark trees. Seven large sculptures (muses), made of lightly coloured polished concrete decorate the square. They are organised in a straight row and were designed by the artists Inghild Karlsen and Bo Bisgaard.

Landscape architect: Landskapsarkitektene Berg og Dyring AS


Hålogaland teater