The Hålogaland Theatre was opened in 2005. It is located at the edge of the sea in the southern part of Tromsø's town centre. The surrounding area is characterised by an older industrial section and a new residential area in the south, which is still under construction. The darker, clean-cut building has a vertical stage tower that rises above the lower horizontal volume. This tower is easily visible for those travelling north from the southern end of the island, towards the town centre - either from the street or from the sea. The dark, glassy bricks used in the façade create a shiny surface that from a distance, changes in colour. Depending on changes in light and weather conditions, the colours can vary from black to silver and from matte to glossy.

The theatre is organised into three zones in relation to function, refer to the text accompanying the plan and cross section illustrations. Each zone has an individual volume which is articulated in the façade. The various volumes are united through the façade's material - dark bricks. The windows and doors are situated in relation to function
this also provides the façade with variation and asymmetry.

Vulcan Arkitetekter established their firm when they won the open architecture competition for the Hålogaland Theatre project in 1998. The Hålogaland Theatre was already established in 1971, as the first regional theatre in Norway and as the first professional theater in Northern Norway. Today it functions both as a theatre for Tromsø and as a regional theatre with many traveling tours around the region.


Hålogaland teater