A main walkway axis runs from the south to the north through the university campus - from the Administration building in the south to the Medicine-Health Studies building in the north. The highest points lie at both ends of the axis. This walkway follows the undulating terrain in a gradual amphitheatre shaped landscape. Acting as a main artery, this axis unites all of the various faculties and functions at the university. In terms of form, the walkway is paved with a combination of cobblestones and slate, partially edged with granite. The design of the landscaped vegetation, which lines the walkway, varies throughout.

This walkway creates an interesting form and is adjusted to accommodate the entrances to the buildings. The walkway is situated tangent in between the buildings at a number of different places, such as near the university square by the labyrinth, next to the fishery research complex, science complex and medicine building. A few steps above the walkway lies the Pharmacy Garden, which was designed by the landscape architect Bjarne Aasen, completed in 1999-2000. It is south facing and situated in between the buildings. Located in a sloping terrain, the beds are terraced, with a protective wall behind.


Universitetsområdet i Breivika