The campus, in terms of terrain, is a sloping bowl-shaped amphitheatre. It has a view overlooking the Tromsø Sound. The university campus in Breivika was thought of as an urban district and thus planned like one. The framework plan from 1973 was designed as a grid system with squares measuring 60 x 60 metres, similar to the Tromsø town centre. The squares are in the form of lots or strips that follow the natural terrain, and are principally developed districts or green districts. Every third strip is an open area (green district), that can be used as a park, parking area or can be a reserved for special functions. These open areas correspond to the fire-breaking public areas in the Tromsø town centre. Similar to the town centre, they bestow the university with a rhythmic character.

The plan established a relationship between the neighbouring areas and the remaining surroundings. In addition, it provided a traffic principle, a main division of the various functions and a frame for building development in regard to the existing terrain, climate and surroundings. The plan also provided the possibility for further building development - a flexibility that proved to be very favourable in regard to the multi-staged development. Progress has varied depending upon growth within the different fields of study and financial possibilities.

This plan was taken from Byggekunst 6/2005, p. 67.


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