This sketch illustrates the university campus, as seen from the south, and was created in 2003 by Ole A. Krogness for the University of Tromsø. The university is located in the middle of the sketch. It illustrates the relationship between the campus buildings and the surrounding green areas, in addition to the relationship with the neighbouring buildings. Situated from the south to the north are:
* The Entrance Way, with the main Administration building and Planetarium.
* The Green District, still preserved as a park area.
* The Humanities District, with the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Main Library, National Archives, along with the new Theoretical Studies complex located above.
* The Green District, which contains more parking along with two pavilions.
* The Science District, with the Faculty of Science, Department of Pharmacy, the Norwegian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture and the Norwegian College of Fishery Science.
* The Green District, which is also an integration area for the Faculty of Medicine/Health Studies and the Faculty of Science.
* The Medical District, with the University Hospital located on a slope downhill to the sound.

The sketch also illustrates the other university facilities that are located outside the boundaries of the main campus:
* Botanical Garden (lower right corner)
* The Natural Sciences building (lower left corner)
* The Day Care Centre and Student Sports Hall (middle of the sketch, towards the left side)
* Department of Arctic Biology (above and to the left, in the sketch)
* The Research Park (to the right of the University Hospital)

The Breivika Secondary School is located between the university and the port facility, at the bottom and towards the right in the sketch.


Universitetsområdet i Breivika