The University of Tromsø was established in 1968. In 1973, the framework plan for the university campus in Breivika was completed. The campus is located roughly 3 kilometres north of the town centre. The plans were compiled by the architecture firm Tromsø plangruppe in collaboration with consulting engineers. Additional development of the plan was coordinated by the university's planning director. The actual progression of the plan was chiefly executed by Dalsbøe og Østgaard Arkitektkontor, Borealis Arkitekter, in collaboration with Telje-Torp-Aasen Arkitektkontor.

The university campus in Breivika is located on the north side of Tromsø Island. It was erected in a pristine terrain during the 1970s. From the west to the east (from left to right in the photograph) we see:
* The greenbelt area along the highest part of Tromsø Island, with various winter arenas such as a cross-country ski trail system.
* The developing area for the University of Tromsø and the hospital.
* The campus boundary line, which is situated downhill near the street Stakkevollveien.
* Breivika port.
* The Tromsø Sound.


Universitetsområdet i Breivika