The Theoretical Subjects building is the newest and largest building on campus, with roughly 40,000 square metres of usable floor space (including the new archival area in the National Archives Building). Telje-Torp-Aasen Arkitektkontor was responsible for the project. In the spring of 2004, the university started to move into the building. Arranged into 6 separate units, the entire complex is bound together with a large and solid row of columns that is covered with a roof. Both the roof and the columns are made of concrete. This structure follows the axis between the building and acting like a baldachin, covers the entrance area. The main canteen and large auditoriums are located in Building 1 (Hus 1), and is seen on the right side. This building has an arched façade that defines and acts as a boundary for the south-east facing square, called Solplassen, which is located between the buildings.


Universitetet i Tromsø, Humanioraparsellen