On the lower section of the factory area in Haugvik, next to the fjord, a compound fertiliser factory was erected in the 1950s. It is a factory where the architecture reflects function and is comprised of the following units: factory building, raw goods warehouse, finished products warehouse, packing area and quay, everything is constructed of reinforced concrete. The architects were Henning Astrup and Eivind Hellern. The general outlay photo shows the original complex from the 1950s and the storage hall at the end of the packing area, which was built before 1965. It has a prestressed concrete roof, which is believed to have been the largest in Europe when it was built.

The architects write in their description that "all of the transport between the buildings is mechanised. The raw goods are unloaded with excavator claws and are placed on a conveyor belt that sends them to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the factory. Items that are further transported to the packing area via the finished products warehouse are also sent on a conveyor belt." This description of the transport of goods within the complex also describes the complex in its entirety - the functional division of the diverse building shells, which each have a unique form in relation to their function, and are connected together with the help of bridges for the transport conveyor belts. The four sections are all made of reinforced concrete and on the exterior are painted in a similar white colour. All of the roofs are covered with red roofing felt, a colour which the architect remarked upon "it harmonizes with the mountains and the different grey shades of the sea."

Year of construction



Arkitektkontoret Astrup &
Hellern a/s


Norsk Hydro A/S

Building Type

Factory complex

Construction System / Materials



manufacturing plant
reinforced concrete


Byggekunst 7/1956, pp.18-19.

Hage, Ingebjørg: "Industriens katedraler - fabrikkarkitekturen i Glomfjord" in Meløy -den stille fjerding, årbok no. 20, Meløy Historielag 2004, pp. 29-42.



Fullgjødselfabrikken i Glomfjord
Fullgjødselfabrikken i Glomfjord
Fullgjødselfabrikken i Glomfjord
Fullgjødselfabrikken i Glomfjord
Fullgjødselfabrikken i Glomfjord
Fullgjødselfabrikken i Glomfjord