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Kullungen Day Care Centre was opened near the beginning of 1997 and was designed by the firm Div.A Arkitekter AS, based in Oslo. The day care centre is situated in the town centre of Longyearbyen and is accessed via the main street. Originally, it was proposed that the facility be divided into two departments (age groups). Today, however, there are four.

Structurally the building is elongated
two low-rising one-storied wings flank a roughly square-shaped two-storied section. Each section has a pitched roof without eaves. On the street-side the building is closed and defines the roadway, while the other side faces the playground and is more fragmented. The building has a pile foundation, wooden piles are permanently frozen in the permafrost and the building is built on top. On Svalbard this is a common type of foundation. Elsewhere the building is clad with lath panelling, treated with iron vitriol. The roof is covered with lath roofing felt.

Year of construction



Div.A Arkitekter AS


Svalbard Samfunnsdrift

Building Type

Day care centre

Construction System / Materials

pile foundation


Byggekunst 6/1998 pp. 54-56

Bøkestad, Hilde: "Arkitektur i Arktis" Byggekunst 6/1998 pp. 38-47


Kullungen barnehage
Kullungen barnehage
Kullungen barnehage