The mountain lodge Jotka Fjellstue is situated by the lake Joatkajávrrit and the old track connecting Alta and Karasjok. It was only partly damaged by fire during the ending of WW2 and therefore still has buildings dating back as far as 1878.

The buildings are all red wooden ones most of them with vertical board on board external cladding and slate roofs with slates quarried in Alta. After the war the woodshed, sauna, keeper's cottage, generator shed and the combined cattle and hay barn were rebuilt in timber stud framework or planed square log construction. The barn that used to house sheep and horses is no longer used for livestock. The old two-room cottage is let to visitors. The children's playhouse was originally a storehouse and inscriptions on the construction indicate that it may date from 1905. The new keeper's cottage has a traditional style and fits effortlessly in among the older buildings.

During the retreat at the end of WW2 all the privately owned mountain lodges were burnt down, whilst some of the state owned ones were just partly damaged. Jotka Fjellstue is one of the last three to be in public ownership.




The Norwegian Government

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Mountain lodge


Dancke, Trond: Opp av ruinene. Oslo 1986.



Jotka fjellstue
Jotka fjellstue
Jotka fjellstue