The sloping land of the Aspenes farmstead is southwest facing and goes all the way down to the fjord. It’s set in a well tended cultural landscape and surrounded by deciduous forest. By the beach there is a boathouse with landing place at the bottom of the slope, then next to each other and centrally placed on the cultivated land are the farmhouse and the storehouse, whilst  the combined cattle and hay barn plus a woodshed are a bit further north and higher up closer to the road. All buildings but the boathouse are parallel to each other with the latter on a slight angle to the water’s edge. 

Traditionally the farm’s income was generated by livestock and fishing combined with shoemaking.

Year of construction


Building Type

Farmstead, holiday home

Construction System / Materials

Log construction, timber frame, birch bark and turf roof

Prizes / Recognition

National Trust of Norway, the Troms Section: The Preservation Award 1990



Aspenes gård
Aspenes gård
Aspenes gård
Aspenes gård
Aspenes gård