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Administrasjonsveien 3, 8514 Narvik
The railways' former local headoffice is situated on a small hill just south of Narvik's old town centre and enjoys views of the fjord, the harbour, the Swedish iron ore mining company LKAB's storage and shipping areas and the town square. Townspeople popularly call the building “På berget” that translates to "On the Hill".

The building has two storeys and hipped slate roofs. A painted and rendered brick building, it has richly modulated elevations including four avant corps
sill bands
corners marked by quoins and a bold cornice while the windows and their surrounds are arched. The decorative elements have their roots in different styles such as roman and renaissance architecture, hence this is a building belonging to the era of historicism.

The building's original function was to house the administration of the local railways in Narvik and the ground floor was used as offices. Upstairs, however, was the residence of the local area manager.

Year of construction



Architect Paul A. Due


Norges statsbaner (NSB)

Building Type

Office, residence, museum

Construction System / Materials

Brick, wood, slate


Slettjord, Lars: ”Jernbanehistoriske perler langs Ofotbanen”, Fortidsvern 3/2009 p. 24-25.


Museum Nord – Ofoten Museum
Museum Nord – Ofoten Museum
Museum Nord – Ofoten Museum