Lodve Langes gate 2, 8514 Narvik
The Narvik University College is situated on a plateau on a west facing slope, a few hundred metres above the town centre. It has a magnificent west facing view overlooking the town and the fjord Ofotfjord. In the east the property is bordered by an area with villas. The previous building housing the Narvik Engineering University College (NIH) has a typical 60s style quality, with cubic structural forms, flat roofs and window bands. The new building has elongated windows and rectangular wings annexed at a right angle to the old building mass. Light coloured concrete was employed on the façade, and the building expresses a uniform quality.

The building is a compilation of long, rectangular volumes with smaller wings adjoined at a right angle. The height of the building ranges from two to five stories. On the new sections of the building, the roof is used as a car park, with a protective roof attached. Projecting from the building, the stairwell and lift shaft provide a vertical counterbalance to the strong horizontality.

The new premises of the Narvik Technical School (NIH) were completed in 1969, designed by the architect Ingulv Wollan MNAL. One aspect taken into consideration of the plan solution was that the development would require a significant increase in the mass of the building. Therefore a spacious site was reserved around the building for prospective development. Up until the 1990s, the department of engineering at the university college had greatly increased in volume. Eventually the department of nursing also needed new premises. The need to expand the building was significant, and in 1997 the new Narvik University College was completed, designed by BOARCH arkitekter.

Year of construction

1969 (NIH) and 1997 (HIN)


Ingulv Wollan MNAL
BOARCH arkitekter as


The Directorate of Public Construction and Property (Statsbygg)

Building Type

Educational facility

Construction System / Materials

Cast-in-place concrete
stone slabs


educational building
university college
cast-in-place concrete stone imitation sheet
concrete block


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Høgskolen i Narvik
Høgskolen i Narvik
Høgskolen i Narvik
Høgskolen i Narvik
Høgskolen i Narvik
Høgskolen i Narvik
Høgskolen i Narvik