Barduvegen 20, Tromsø
The Elverhøy Church is situated at a high point on Tromsø Island, approximately 2 kilometres from Tromsø's town centre. It is located in a spinney that is connected to Elverhøy's cemetery. The church has been moved on two separate occasions. It was originally erected in the beginning of the 19th century, in order to replace an early 18th century church. It was built where the Tromsø Cathedral stands today. Once the Tromsø Cathedral was built, the older church was dismantled and moved to a new location, slightly south of the town centre. It was then referred to as the Tromsøsund Church ("The Country Church"). In 1974, it was moved to its current location. The church's appearance has changed somewhat, but it has retained many of its original characteristics from the beginning of the 19th century.

The church was constructed with cog jointed timber and then clad with vertical panelling. A robust steeple is incorporated with the structure's half-timbered framework. The saddle roof, located above the sanctuary room is roofed with clay tiles, while the steeple crown is covered with copper. It is a cross-plan church with the steeple facing towards the west and the choir facing towards the east. Entrance to the building is accessed via the porch, which lies at the foot of the steeple. The church is painted bright red with white accents. The windows have lancet arches that are also painted white.

The Elverhøy church has retained many of its original characteristics from the early 19th century. The church that was erected where the Tromsø Cathedral stands today was also cross-plan in form and externally clad. It had a steep roof that was roofed with clay tiles, yet it did not have a steeple. It was constructed when the church was moved to the street Strandveien. At the same time, a number of changes were performed on the building. Firstly, a sacristy was built. Secondly, any observed crookedness was straightened out. Lastly, the height of the walls and ceiling was increased.

Year of construction

Consecrated in 1803

Building Type

communal hall

Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method
half-timbered framework


cog joint construction
vertical boarding
cruciform church


Kristiansen, Roald E. og Bengt Norbakken (ed): Elverhøy kirke 1803-2003, Tromsø 2003



Elverhøy kirke
Elverhøy kirke
Elverhøy kirke
Elverhøy kirke
Elverhøy kirke