Skarsfjord, Ringvassøy, Tromsø
The cottage is located in Skarsfjord on the outer-side of the island Ringvassøy, approximately 50 kilometres from Tromsø. It is situated in a largely notched landscape, with mountains on one side and islands and holms on the other. Among this landscape of fjords and mountains lies the cottage, approximately 40 metres above and 300 metres from the intertidal zone. The cottage is an elongated rectangle in form. Half of the structure faces the west and has a panoramic view of the sea and the evening sun.

It is obvious that the architect's/owner's intention was to create an environment that was unlike home. The ultimate objective was to create a sensation of being outdoors and to generate a connection with nature. Elements from the cottage emphasise this, particularly the large planes of glass and the sliding glass wall. This results in an unclear division between the interior and the exterior of the living room.

All of the rooms within the cottage have contact with the outdoors in different ways, and in all different directions. They appropriate elements from nature as well as encircle it. From the upper bench in the sauna, one can sit and enjoy a starry night sky and the aurora borealis. The view from the living room is the central focus and is achieved through use of large planes of glass, arranged to provide a 180 degree perspective.

Year of construction



Gisle Løkken MNAL
70ºN arkitektur as


Gisle Løkken

Building Type

Holiday home

Construction System / Materials


Prizes / Recognition

Northern Norwegian Architecture Prize 2003


holiday home


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Hytte i Skarsfjorden
Hytte i Skarsfjorden
Hytte i Skarsfjorden
Hytte i Skarsfjorden
Hytte i Skarsfjorden
Hytte i Skarsfjorden