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Flyplassveien, Tromsø
The Tromsø Airport is located on the west-side of Tromsø Island. It is one of the few airports in Norway that is still located near the town centre. It was opened in 1964 and has been annexed on multiple occasions since then. The new terminal building was completed in 1998 - designed by John Kristoffersen Arkitektkontor, in collaboration with Borealis Arkitekter and Dalsbøes Arkitektkontor. The current structure replaced the earlier terminal building, which was built in 1977. The terminal along with the other airport buildings are situated parallel to the runway, which is positioned in a north-south direction.

The new terminal is organised around a central building that holds a check-in area, arrival area and offices/counters for the various airlines, on the ground floor. On the storey above, the different gates are located alongside the building on the same side as the runway. Five aeroplane docking spots are located on the tarmac and are connected to the terminal. This is a common approach to arrange an airport, also seen for example in the organisation of the Gardermoen Airport in Oslo.

Somewhat aerodynamic in form, the building is lower near the street, where the entrances are located and higher on the runway side. The roof is slightly rounded in form and suggests an aeroplane wing, a motif which is often observed among airport designs. The form also provides a clear division between the two façades - one facing the departure side (the street side) and one facing the arrival side (where the aeroplanes dock).

Year of construction



John Kristoffersen Arkitektkontor AS



Building Type

Air terminal

Construction System / Materials



air terminal


Glass og Fasade 1/1998, pp. 12-15


Tromsø lufthavn, terminalbygningen
Tromsø lufthavn, terminalbygningen
Tromsø lufthavn, terminalbygningen
Tromsø lufthavn, terminalbygningen
Tromsø lufthavn, terminalbygningen