Grønnegata 21-23, Tromsø
Three family residences, a small one-roomed flat and a Sámi centre are located on two small sites in Tromsø's town centre, almost like an old estate with a courtyard. The structures in the surrounding area are very diverse and were constructed over a long period of time. This was taken into consideration, but at the same time new elements were added into the design of this construction. The blocks are orientated around a courtyard, which all of the entrances are accessed through. Each block is four-storied including the roof terrace, which is situated and designed to capture maximum sunlight. Beside the street Grønnegata, the buildings have saddle roofs. In terms of form, they are closely related to traditional Tromsø buildings. To a large extent, the architects employed lath panelling, windows and annexes. This was done in order to bestow the buildings with a quality characteristic of the period.

The NRL's (National Norwegian Sámi Reindeer Herders Association) office premises are located in the north, to the street Grønnegata. Here one can find entrance to the courtyard and further on to the block of flats. The two buildings to the street are quite different. While the office building displays solid laths and an intense colour, the expression of the dwelling house is more subdued.

Year of construction

Completed in 1986


Blå Strek arkitekter AS

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

timber frame

Prizes / Recognition

Houen fonds diploma 2003




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Grønnegata 21-23
Grønnegata 21-23
Grønnegata 21-23
Grønnegata 21-23
Grønnegata 21-23
Grønnegata 21-23