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Skomvær lighthouse is situated right out to sea - the southernmost point of the Lofoten island kingdom. The lighthouse is dominated by a high, slender cast iron tower. The 31.5 metre high, red-painted tower stands on a high, white-painted concrete base with exterior concrete steps. The cast iron tower was made at the Marinens Hovedverft (the Principal Naval Shipyard) at Horten. A gallery crowns the tower one level below the light itself. The light consists of a large French first order blinking lens and a secondary light with a small fourth order lens. Both lenses have preserved status.

The other buildings belonging to the lighthouse are gathered closely around the tower and comprise a machine room, accommodation and outhouses. These are all painted white in line with tradition, and their roofs are tiled with slate and red bituminous felt. The boathouse and landing stage are situated further down. The lighthouse has a relatively good landing area.

In all, 12 lighthouses in the county of Nordlandorten
were awarded preservation status during the 1990s
1999 in the case of Skomvær lighthouse. This status includes the cast iron tower and the light itself
the machine room
two outhouses, which were previously cowsheds
staff accommodation
accommodation for the lighthouse keeper
and the boathouse. The preserved area covers the entire island, and here there are fences, cisterns, railings, a garden, a gangway, a flagpole, oil containers, the antenna shed, the radio mast and the landing area.

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Norwegian State / Coastguard

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Kulturminneplan for Lofoten Trondheim 2008

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Skomvær fyrstasjon
Skomvær fyrstasjon
Skomvær fyrstasjon