9740 Lebesby
Lebesby Church is situated on a plain by the fjord, surrounded by the school, houses and small holding buildings dating from the reconstruction period. Everything in Lebesby was burnt down during the last phase of the Second World War.

The church site consists of two dark-stained building spaces, with high slate-tiled hipped roofs
the smaller one houses the congregational hall and the larger one the church space itself. These two parts are joined together by a lower entrance section. An elevated ridge turret with a steep slate-tiled, pyramid-shaped roof, supported by four slender stanchions, towers over the western end of the nave. The church space runs lengthwise from west to east - with an entrance to the west and the choir to the east. The high roof areas dominate the low walls with their small windows.

Outside the church stands a memorial to Anton Johansen, or "the Lebesby man", as he was often called. Johansen was well-known for his visions and revelations, and the memorial was unveiled in the autumn of 1991.

Year of construction



Odd Borgrud Pedersen

Building Type

assembly house

Construction System / Materials



Barbala, Harald: Lebesby kirke. Lebesby kirkehistorie 1718-2002. Kjøllefjord 2003.



Lebesby kirke
Lebesby kirke
Lebesby kirke