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Snefjord Rest Area is one of three such installations along the 66km long stretch of the Norwegian National Tourist Route on RV889 between Kokelv and Havøysund. It is situated by the mouth of the river Snefjordelva and just off the beach. Snefjord is an Sámi coastal community with small farms scattered across a cultural landscape where people have traditionally made their living by combining farming and fishing.

At Snefjord the rest area consist of only four elements: the parking area and seating in three cuboid boxes. Each box is elevated above ground by short steel pillars
has a wall across its middle
is open on two sides and has a gently sloping roof. In the two open sides there is a built-in seat.
The three are positioned so that when facing the sea the users can't see each other, but on the land facing side they do and this contributes to making a space with more contact.

Year of construction



PUSHAK arkitekter (Langeland, Drage Kleiva, Melbye og Gromholt)


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration

Building Type

Rest area

Construction System / Materials



Rasteplass i Snefjord
Rasteplass i Snefjord
Rasteplass i Snefjord