Elvenes was originally established as an arsenal for the Norwegian Army on a flat riverbank by Salangselva in the district of Salangen. The older buildings stand along one side of the main route through the camp and consist typically of 2 to 3 storey wooden storehouses mostly built during the period from 1917 to 1920. Pitched roofs are typical
details such as door and window surrounds are very simple
the size of the windows minimal and set flush with the cladding.

One exception to this is the original storehouse for the medical corps with its large mansard roof, another is the original munitions store, lately used for provisions, which is clad with metal sheeting possibly for safety reasons.

The Arsenal for Nordland (Fauske) was closed down in 1986 and Elvenes became a training centre for reservists. In 2005 the Army sold Elvenes to Salangen District Council.

Year of construction

Ca. 1917-1920


The Norwegian Army

Building Type

Military installation

Construction System / Materials

Wooden constructions


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Elvenes i Salangen
Elvenes i Salangen
Elvenes i Salangen
Elvenes i Salangen