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Stegelneset, Vardø
The chapel and cemetery at Stegelneset on the west side of Vardø were established in 1907-1908, because there had been a large population increase and the old churchyard at the main church was too small. This churchyard, which right from the start went by the name of “the new churchyard” was consecrated in 1907 by Priest Balke. A year later, the burial chapel, a small building with a nave, was built. The year inscribed on the weather-vane tells us that the church was dedicated in 1908. The building has an entrance and porch at the foot of the tower, a small nave and narrower choir with side sacristies. The shape of the choir includes faceted-off corners and the light streams in through the back wall with its coloured glass window. The window surround, which today is painted green, is Russian-inspired in its shape. The chapel itself is painted white, while the roof areas are covered with black pasteboard. The master builder responsible for the construction was Lars Johnsen, who was also responsible for Hamningberg Chapel after the Second World War.

Year of construction


Building Type

Chapel, burial chapel, assembly house

Construction System / Materials



Roger: Kirke og menighet i Kiberg og Vardø, Vardø 1999


Vardø kapell
Vardø kapell
Vardø kapell