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The smallholding at Kjelvik is situated somewhat isolated on a narrow and steep valley, high above the fjord Leirfjord. Earlier there was a two kilometre trail leading down to the fjord and the sea Kjelviksjøen, the only access road to Kjelvik. When the classified road E6 was built here in the 1970s, it was easier to arrive at this place - a trail has been built in a few hundred metres between the resting place by the road and the smallholding. This smallholding has not been permanently occupied since 1967.

There has been a Sámi residence in Kjelvik since at least 1747. Originally the livelihood here was reindeer herding, but was later replaced by a livelihood of fishing and agriculture. Today the small, grey and weathered buildings that have sod roofs are situated in a large clearing in a birch wooded forest. Here one will find a cottage, barn with loft, vertical-boarded shed, outdoor cellar, mill, house with an open fireplace and forge.

The last residents were four unmarried sisters and brothers, which lived and ran the farm together. Since the last residents left this site, time has stood still in many ways. Today the Sørfold Museum maintains this site and opens it to visitors during the summer.

Building Type

Farm site

Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method
timber frame


log construction
half timbering
storage shed


Zakariassen, Marie and Braaten, Bente: Liv på lånt grunn. Husmannsplassen Kjelvik, Fotefar mot Nord, Bodø 1995.



Kjelvik husmannsplass
Kjelvik husmannsplass
Kjelvik husmannsplass
Kjelvik husmannsplass
Kjelvik husmannsplass