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8220 Røsvik
Partway in Sørfold, where the fjord divides into two, lies Røsvik. From the seaward entrance the church is the first structure that comes into view. Inward in the cove lays the trading settlement, on a sandy moor by the river. Only half a kilometre to the west, where the fjord is deeper, lays the two wharf warehouses that belong to the trading settlement.

The Røsvik Trading Settlement forms a large collection of buildings. They are arranged around two yards - an inner yard and an outer yard. The inner yard is encircled by buildings on three sides and the fourth is open towards the sea - a flagpole marks the opening. Situated with its gable end facing the sea is the large main building, with a garden and summer pavilion towards the east. West of the main building lies the remaining farm buildings. Here one catches a glimpse of the main building on the left, located straight ahead is the storehouse on pillars and the cottage where the retired farm owners lived, and the servants' house on the right. The buildings are clad on the exterior with wooden panelling, which is painted in an old-rose colour, red and white. The roof is covered with grey slate
previously there were red pantiles on certain structures.

Arnt Abelsen Mørch was one of the first in Nordland to receive an innkeeper's licence at Røsvik in 1772. The Normann family expanded the site in the 19th century - when it had its golden age. Here there were a number of different operations such as trading with foreign countries, mining industry, village shop, post office and steamship expedition. Later a herring oil factory was established and electricity was introduced.

Røsvik Trading Settlement with five structures was declared as a listed building in 1942.

Year of construction

19th century


Søren Normann
Henrik Magnus Normann

Building Type

Trading settlement
farm site

Construction System / Materials

Cogging joint method


trading settlment
log construction
main building


Svendsen, Ola Ø.: Fredede hus og anlegg 1, Oslo 1981, pp. 74-75.


Røsvik handelssted
Røsvik handelssted
Røsvik handelssted
Røsvik handelssted
Røsvik handelssted