The Ibestad Church is located just outside of Hamnvik, the municipal centre in Ibestad. Ibestad has a tradition as having a church since the Middle Ages - a church was either built here in the last half of the 13th century or in the beginning of the 14th century.

The church is a long church constructed of stone, in a Late Gothic style. It has a large steeple in the west. A narrower and shorter choir and sacristy, which has a pentagon shaped apse, is located in the east. The church structure has a saddle roof that is covered in slate. A stepped steeple crowns the building and terminates with a tall and pointed steeple crown. The stone walls are white plastered and the corners are marked with ashlars. The church has an entrance at the foot of the steeple. In addition there are two entrances that are accessed via the vestibules, located on the middle section of each sidewall. Two rows of windows decorate the nave, small rectangular windows on the bottom row, and tall windows with pointed arches above. The design of the windows and their two-part division reflects the longitudinal gallery that is located inside the sanctuary room.

This church was erected on the same site as the previous church, which was from the Middle Ages. The previous church was also made of stone and had a rectangular form, with a nave and choir in the same length. Due to Ibestad´s increasing population throughout the 19th century, along with widespread opinion of how a church should look, it was decided that the old church be torn down and replaced with a new church in the same location. Therefore the old church was torn down in 1880, and a new one was consecrated in 1881.

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Building Contractor J.A. Johansen


Ibestad Parish

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hollow wall


Kirkene i Ibestad prestegjeld, Ibestad 2003



Ibestad kirke
Ibestad kirke
Ibestad kirke