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9146 Olderdalen
Kåfjord Church is situated on a height above the village Olderdalen with steep mountains as backdrop and views over the village and the fjord Lyngenfjorden. During the summer the red building stands out among the greenery and in winter it glows in the snow covered landscape.

The church was designed by the architect Are Vesterlid (1921-2013) who at the time worked in the District Architect's post war reconstruction office. The building was completed in 1949 and it is said that they used recycled materials from barracks. The church was extended in 1989-1990. The liturgical space consists of a rectangular wide nave and a narrower and lower chancel, which has a sacristy on both sides each with its own entrance porch. Hence the east elevation is completely symmetrical. The church's orientation has according to tradition the entrance to the nave in the west and the chancel facing east.

The church is built on sloping land, so there is a tallish foundation wall showing on the south side. The building is otherwise built entirely of wood and has vertical wooden cladding. The scarce use of decorative elements gives an impression of simplicity and unfussy practicality.

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Are Vesterlid on behalf of the District Architect for Northern Troms


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Kåfjord kirke
Kåfjord kirke
Kåfjord kirke
Kåfjord kirke
Kåfjord kirke