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Kirkenes Church is situated on a small height overlooking the sea at the edge of the town centre. The positioning of the church follows the traditional pattern with entrance to the west and the chancel to the east. However, it is somewhat more unusual that the tower is a vertical extension of the chancel. The seating capacity is 275. The concrete church has slate roofs. The design and choice of materials are quite typical of many North Norwegian churches from the reconstruction era following World War 2, that is, traditional shape with modern materials.

There were big discussions about the location of the new church, and in the end Kirkenes' parishoners did get their wish fulfilled: the new church was to be built in the same place as the one they had lost. The architect Sofus Hougen made the designs towards the end of the 1940s, but building work did not commence until 1957. The church was consecrated in the autumn of 1959.

Year of construction



Sofus Hougen

Building Type


Construction System / Materials



Sør-Varanger hovedkirke Kirkenes 1862-1981 / Sør-Varanger 1945-1960 / Gjenreising og kald krig, Sør-Varanger historielag 1999.


Kirkenes kirke
Kirkenes kirke
Kirkenes kirke
Kirkenes kirke
Kirkenes kirke