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Øvre Pasvik, 9925 Svanvik
The old farmsteads in Øvre Pasvik are sited a long way from each other. Noatun is situated on a headland on the bank of the river and is a typical and almost complete newly-cleared farm from the beginning of the twentieth century. In the open, rectangular farm-yard today we find the farmhouse, outbuilding, storehouse and bath-house. Other outhouses lie around the farm-yard and the peisestua (a garden house with a fireplace) stands out on the headland, about 200 metres from the farm-yard itself. The farm buildings, which are all made of timber and turf, represent the varieties of architecture that are to be found in this part of the country. The farmhouse distinguishes itself from the traditional valley building by, amongst other things, a mansard (curb) roof decked with woodchips. The house extends over one and a half storeys and has two rooms on each level. A passage-way and veranda were added later. The timber walls are clad for the most part on their exterior with horizontal boards. The veranda facing south has windows dating from the late 1940s. Underneath the kitchen is a food cellar with whitewashed timber walls and a concrete floor.

The common Norwegian-Russian Pasvik nature reserve was founded in 1992-1993 as part of the joint environmental conservation work between the two countries. The main aim was to preserve an area with an extremely rich birdlife and interesting natural and cultural history. The nature reserve covers what remains of the River Pasvik’s original watercourse nature. Within the nature reserve is Noatun, which is listed under The Cultural Heritage law, as well as archeological stone age sites.

Hans Schaanning established Noatun and his scientific work has made the area well known. Pasvik is visited by bird lovers from all over the world.

Todays owners are Gunnar Schaanning Kollstrøm and Berit Malmo. They are fourth generasjon Schaanning at Noatun.

Year of construction



Hans Schaanning
Torolf Schaanning

Building Type

Farm site

Construction System / Materials

Timber, turf