9930 Neiden
St. George's Chapel is found in Skoltebyen by the Neiden River. During the summer this area transforms into a flowery meadow, while in the winter the ground is covered with snow. The chapel is a small and modest structure, constructed of cogging jointed timber without panelling. The pitched roof is supported by purlins and clad with wooden panelling. An orthodox cross crowns the roof ridge. The interior ground plan measures 3.55 x 3.25 m, and the highest point of the ceiling measures 2.05 m. The low entrance door, on the west side gable, offers a view of the interior. An iconostasis dominates this part of the chapel.

A large graveyard surrounds the chapel. According to tradition, there is holy water in a pool in the river above the waterfall. This water was used for purification and baptisms. It is believed that the chapel was consecrated on the 24th of June 1565, as the chapel for the Eastern Sámi 'siida' in Neiden. (A 'siida' was the fundamental unit of the traditional Sámi society, indicating both the occupied area and the family group(s) making use of it.) The Russian Orthodox faith became the religion practiced by the Eastern Sámi, subsequent to the influence of the monk Trifon and the monastery in Petchenga. Todays building is most likely erected between 1800 and 1850.

Neiden, located in the municipality of Sør-Varanger, historically has been a seasonal settlement for the Skolt Sámi. According to written sources, the Skolts have been influenced by evangelising since the middle of the 16th century. The missionaries were sent from Russian monasteries. The present chapel is Norway's smallest sacred building and it houses 16 Russian icon panels. Each panel is at least 100 years old. As Sámi cultural monuments, both the chapel and the icons are automatically protected under the Cultural Heritage Act.

Year of construction



The holy monk Trifon, church father, saint and missionaries from Petchenga, Russia.

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

Wooden house
cogging jointed timber
wooden roof


cog joint
gable roof
Orthodox cross


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St. Georgs greskortodokse kapell
St. Georgs greskortodokse kapell
St. Georgs greskortodokse kapell