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Storvågan, Kabelvåg
Gallery Espolin is situated in Storvågan in Lofoten, roughly three kilometres from the Kabelvåg town centre and within eye view of the Lofoten Museum, which is located roughly 80 metres away. The gallery is located on the upper side of the inlet near the Lofoten Aquarium and the hotel that has new fisherman's sheds - with a magnificent view overlooking the fjord and mountains, such as the mountain "Vågakallen". In this gently undulating cultural landscape surrounding the Storvågan Farm with the Lofoten Museum, one finds the gallery positioned by a knoll. The grassy wall ramparts and sod roof create the effect that the building is nearly one with the landscape. Kaare Espolin Johnson had ancestors from Iceland, and according to the architect this influenced the form of expression of the building.

The artist Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-1994) is known for his representations of the sea, Lofoten and the tough fishing conditions. Since its opening in 1992, both the gallery and the art collection have grown in size - the most recent wing was consecrated in 2000. The art collection currently contains around 200 works.

Year of construction



BOARCH arkitekter as


Espolin Johnson Gallery
Vågan Municipality

Building Type

Art gallery

Construction System / Materials



art gallery
sod: woodwork


Arkitektur i Norge, årbok 1993, p. 40.


Espolin Johnson Galleriet
Espolin Johnson Galleriet
Espolin Johnson Galleriet