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9730 Karasjok
The old Karasjok church is located on a large plain near a bend in the river Karasjokka. It is the oldest church in Finnmark and was the main church in the Karasjok parish until 1974. At this time the new working church, which is located on a steep slope above the alluvial plain, was consecrated.

The church was built in 1807, most likely by the building contractor Daniel Stroch. Shortly after it was open for use, but was not consecrated until 1822. The church's design is a cross plan where each of the four arms are approximately the same length. In 1858 a sacristy was built onto the cross arm that houses the choir- something that offers a clear axis from the porch to the sacristy. The church itself has a hipped roof, while there is a saddle roof above the porch and sacristy. At this transition a ridge turret was raised, and today has a pointed steeple crown, yet the original design was intended to have a more rounded form.

The church has always had the same ground plan, however today's church is to a great extent unlike the parish's original design plan from the 1800s. Previously the length of the roof, tarred walls and windows were considerably smaller than they are today. Currently the church is painted white with a red roof covered in tar paper. There are tentative plans to restore the building in conjunction with the church's 200 year anniversary in 2007.

Year of construction

Built in 1807, consecrated in 1822


Building contractor Daniel Stroch

Building Type


Construction System / Materials

cogging joint method


cog joint construction
cruciform chuch plan
hipped roof
ridge turret


Eldal, Jens Christian og Jiri Havran: Kirker i Norge, 1700-tallet, Skjønnhetens århundre, Oslo 2000, pp. 234-237


Karasjok gamle kirke
Karasjok gamle kirke
Karasjok gamle kirke
Karasjok gamle kirke
Karasjok gamle kirke