Fjærtoftbruket is located in the outer part of Berlevåg harbour. The fish factory consists of 12 buildings painted in light colours and most gables facing Vågen (the bay).
Built, during the period from 1946 into the 1970s, mostly in wooden constructions with pitched roofs, they rest either on the quay or rock. Centrally placed in the group are four core listed buildings: the storehouse, the seine drying racks, liver oil refinery and tackle repair workshop. The other buildings and installations are add-ons. The first storehouse and a longline baiting shed were built in 1946. Storbrygga, the large storehouse, was completed in 1947. Here, the ground floor was used as a salting plant, the first and second floors for storing dried fish and packaging was kept on the top floors. The distinctive roofed seine drying rack was erected in 1950.

A filleting and deep freezing plant was built in 1962/63. This was badly damaged by fire both in 1964 and 1970, but was twice rebuilt. Fjærtoftbruket expanded in this period and the number of employees grew from 12-15 in the 1950s to double that size during the 1960s.

During the 19th century the population of Berlevåg grew due to easy access to rich fishing grounds. By 1930 the population had reached 1500, but it would more than double during the fishing seasons. Edvard Fjærtoft (1894-1992) came to Berlevåg from Jondal in Hordaland in 1914 and established Fjærtoftbruket the following year. During their first years they worked in rented premises, but gradually got their own by buying up bankrupted estates. The company produced stockfish, salted fish, clipfish, Greenland shark liver, fresh fish and liver oils. Having its own quay the business in 1937 also took on being the local shipping agent.

All buildings in Berlevåg were burnt down in the autumn of 1944 during the occupying forces' retreat, however, activity resumed shortly after the capitulation. Fjærtoftbruket was back in production already in 1945 albeit in temporary premises.

Year of construction



Edvard Fjærtoft

Building Type

Fish factory

Construction System / Materials

Wood, concrete