Lappoluobbal, 9520 Kautokeino
Lappoloubbal is situated about 40 km north-east of Kautokeino and has just a few permanent residents. The place is sited centrally in the Mountain Sami’s winter grazing area. This is an environment that can be subjected to harsh weather, and the vegetation consists mostly of stunted birch-woods, moss and heather.

The mountain church has clear and simple lines, and the materials have been chosen taking into consideration the weather and wind. The church has a square-shaped ground plan and is topped by a pyramid roof with a skylight window. A wall provides a screen in three directions and surrounds a covered forecourt. The few window openings are small and narrow. The church space itself is right inside, a clear square shape, and between the wall and the church space lie the ancillary spaces.

Year of construction



Nils Henrik Eggen

Building Type


Construction System / Materials



Byggekunst 8/1988, pp. 561-567



Fjellkirke i Lappoluobbal
Fjellkirke i Lappoluobbal
Fjellkirke i Lappoluobbal