9802 Vestre Jakobselv
Vestre Jakobselv is situated in Vadsø municipality, a neighbourhood halfway between the town and Varangerbotn. The church is situated on the outskirts of the residential area – on an extensive plain.

The main section of the church building has a rectangular ground-plan and with a ridge turret over the entrance gable to the west. The sacristy and kitchen each occupy their own little transverse wing to the north at each end of the building, linked respectively to the choir and the parish council room. The church is built of timber materials and externally clad with horizontal, white-painted timber panelling. The steep roof surfaces are covered with slates.

The church was designed by the office of the State Buildings Inspector, constructed by a builder named Bertheussen and painted by a painter named Poulsen, these last two probably artisans based locally or in Vadsø. It was inaugurated on 12 August 1940. There were a few minor deviations from the designs, with some of the pillars in the choir omitted and the altar rail made larger because of the size of the altar aisle.

Year of construction



Statens bygningsinspektør / Riksarkitekten (State Buildings Inspector/ National Architects)


Vadsø menighetsråd (Vadsø Parish Council)

Building Type

Assembly house, chapel

Construction System / Materials



ridge turret
horizontal boarding


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Vestre Jakobselv kirke
Vestre Jakobselv kirke
Vestre Jakobselv kirke
Vestre Jakobselv kirke
Vestre Jakobselv kirke