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Slettengata 21
Tuomainengård is a farm site in Ytre Kvenby in Vadsø. During the 19th century Ytre Kvenby was built into a pattern with properties situated in-between two parallel streets - consequently a building development organised in a row. All of the farm buildings on the properties were situated in a structure that was arranged into a row on the gently sloping incline, while the boathouses of the properties were located down by the edge of the sea - by the Varangerfjord. On each property, the buildings were arranged around a courtyard, with the residence facing the lower street and the outbuilding overlooking the street above - such as the several red painted buildings on the Tuomainen farm.

There were many Finnish people who immigrated to Northern Norway, and in the middle of the 19th century there was an exceptional number who immigrated to Eastern Finnmark and Vadsø. Decendents of the Finnish immigrants in Northern Norway are often referred to as "kvener". In 1860 over 50% of the population in Vadsø were Kvener. Agriculture in Vadsø was mainly based on livestock with the production of milk, meat and wool. The grazing pastures and fields were located outside of town, on the Tuomainen farm the outermost pastures were located roughly 6 kilometres away.

The Tuomainen farm was erected in the middle of the 19th century by a Finnish immigrant - Johan Petter Viinikka. In 1914 Karl Tuomainen took over the farm. Today the farm is owned by the Vadsø Musuem and was declared listed in 1990. Here on the Tuomainen farm there are exhibitions about Kvenish/Finnish immigration and about agriculture, which was an important form of livelihood for the Kvener living in Vadsø.

Year of construction

Erected in approximately 1850


Johan Petter Viinikka

Building Type

Farm site

Construction System / Materials