8860 Tjøtta
Tjøtta Church, which also has a graveyard, is located on the edge of the yard on the large Tjøtta Farm, situated on a large estate from the Middle Ages, currently owned by the Norwegian government and run as an agriculture research station. This stone church was completed in 1851, after the stone church from the Middle Ages was torn down subsequent to fires in 1811 and 1843. The new church was built of natural stone, after drawings done by the architect Christian Heinrich Grosch (1801-1865). Grosch also designed many churches in Norway in the middle of the 19th century.

It is a long church with an annexed sacristy towards the east. The entrance is located at the foot of the steeple towards the west. Halfway projecting from the church wall is a massive steeple. The heavy natural stoned walls and relatively small windows, in relation to the wall plane, provide a solid and upon first glance, antiquated expression.

Year of construction

Completed in 1851


Christian Heinrich Grosch


Tjøtta Parish
Tromsø Stiftsdirection

Building Type

village hall

Construction System / Materials

Natural stone


natural stone


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Tjøtta kirke
Tjøtta kirke
Tjøtta kirke
Tjøtta kirke
Tjøtta kirke