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Kystriksveien, Kilboghamn
Kilboghamn ferry landing is part of the national coastal highway in Northern Helgeland and is situated on the southern side of Melfjorden.

The ferry landing at Kilboghamn was built in order to increase the capacity for traffic arrangements and to establish a satisfactory provision for waiting motorists and tourists. From the ferry landing, which is positioned among spread-out buildings and boathouses, there is a good view over the fjord.

The buildings consists, aside from the service building for those travelling, of fishing residents’ boathouses, sheds and jetties. Activities on and at the jetties form an attraction in themselves for those travelling. The simple, robust architecture presented in the local buildings is linked to newer landscape-associated forms of work. This is particularly true of the long wooden jetty, with its slender steel railings uniting old buildings and new. The ground surface is covered with different materials, partially relating to their use: asphalt, rubble, gravel and wooden boards. Between the wooden-decked and the asphalt or gravel-covered areas are finely-cut kerbstones.

Year of construction



Inge Dahlman landskapsarkitekt mnla, Landskapsfabrikken


Statens vegvesen, Turistvegprosjektet (State Highways Department, Tourist Route Project)

Building Type

Service site, ferry landing

Construction System / Materials

Timber materials, stone, gravel, planted area


ferry landing


Rv 17, Kilboghamn fergeleie
Rv 17, Kilboghamn fergeleie
Rv 17, Kilboghamn fergeleie
Rv 17, Kilboghamn fergeleie
Rv 17, Kilboghamn fergeleie