Hans Egdes gate 14, Harstad
The town hall is located in the town centre, just above the park Generalhagen. Before the town hall was built, in the 1950s, there were a number of distinctive wooden buildings in this area. Today the buildings surrounding the town hall are a mixture of both older and newer wooden buildings and newer office buildings.

Today this entire district, so to speak, is allocated to the town hall along with a car park. The original building from 1953 is located down by the streets Hans Egedesgate and Verftsgata. In the beginning of the 1980s the town hall was annexed with an addition which is nearly as large as the building from the 1950s. The new section extends upwards the street Verftsgata and has a shorter wing along the street Asbjørn Selsbanesgate. The main entrance is located on the south side of the building. In a sense it functions as a visual link between the old and the new part of the building.

Year of construction

1953, expanded in the early 1980s


Morseth &
Wiel Gedde
Arkitekt mnal-npa Gunnar Lund


Harstad Municipality

Building Type

Town hall
fire station

Construction System / Materials

ceramic tiles


town hall
ceramic tiles


Brun, Ola og Jim Myrstad "Der avgjørelser tas - Bylandskap Harstad 100 år 2004" in Harstad Tidende 19.09.03, pp. 30-31



Harstad rådhus
Harstad rådhus
Harstad rådhus
Harstad rådhus