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Tinden, an old trading post and fishing village, is situated in the west side of the island Tindsøy which is part of an area called Øksnes Vestbygd in Vesterålen. Tinden may only be reached by boat, not road, but it is close to the best fishing grounds. Sitting at the foot of the 468m high mountain Tindstind it offers good sheltered landing conditions. Tinden's history goes back for hundreds of years and is older than any of the other places in the District of Øksnes. A variety of activities have taken place here, that is: farming, general store, fishing station and fish factory as well as letting of "rorbuer" (fishermen's cabins) during the fishing seasons.

The buildings at Tinden are gathered in a group by the shore away from other settlements and were built during the period from 1840 to 1940. The main house was built during the 1860s and the buildings on the wharf date from the 1880s as they had to be rebuilt following a devastating storm in 1882. The large simple buildings are typical of North Norwegian trading posts. Most of the buildings are log constructions except for the cod liver oil refinery, which is built in stone.

Building Type

Tinden trading station
fishing village

Construction System / Materials

Log buildings


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