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9350 Sjøvegan
Salangen Church is situated on an elevated area east of the centre of the village of Sjøvegan, with a beautiful view out over Sagfjorden and the mountains to the west and towards Nervatnet to the east. The church was designed by the architect Harald Hille and was completed in 1981. It is a local church community centre and in addition to the church space itself has a parish hall, youth club premises, meeting room, office, kitchen and scullery.

The building is a long church of white-finished concrete and timber, and its height is topped off with a slate-tiled gabled roof. To the west rises a high, rectangular bell-tower with slanting corners, finished off by a gable roof. A semicircular apse completes the building to the east. To the south the building has a projecting section clad with red-painted panelling and with windows divided into square panes. The church is shaped in a modern form, but with many details that have associations with the Middle Ages, such as the apse recess, the style of glazing bar at the top of the bell-tower and the wings on the northern side of the church, which are almost reminiscent of the side aisle in a basilica. The old Salangen Church burned down in 1978 and one of the prerequisites of the new church was that it should have a gable roof, as well as an organ gallery and a tower.

Year of construction



Harald Hille


Salangen menighet (parish)

Building Type

assembly house

Construction System / Materials



Salangen kirke
Salangen kirke
Salangen kirke