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Kiby, 9800 Vadsø
The fishing village of Kiby is situated on the north side of the Varanger Fjord. Four kilometres east of Vadsø lies a row of houses clinging to the strip of land between the fjord and the main road / airport. On the foreshore, between a series of boat landings, lies Eliseussen Farm, a 105 m² site built during the first half of the nineteenth century.

The farm represents a special type of multifunctional house, also termed the Varanger House. Eliseussen Farm probably consisted originally of three distinct buildings: the house, a cowshed and a well-house / baking room. The three sections were then joined together, with the help of a new roof behind the dwelling section and an angled passage-way linking these functions together. The rear passage-way is still complete, as are the well-house / baking room, where the well is intact. Built onto the dwelling section was a shed made of notched logs, used for the storage of various items of equipment. The site has two means of access. The main entrance is oriented towards the sea to the south
the cowshed entrance to the north was used when the weather was at its worst (see sketch-plan).

Eliseussen Farm was designated a listed building following the Kulturminneloven (Cultural Heritage Act) of 1990. According to the preservation authorities, this site has extremely high preservation status, both in its own right and as part of the surrounding environment. The building is unique in its construction and documents the building practice of fisher-farming folk here in olden times. The farm is privately owned.

Year of construction

First half of the nineteenth century

Building Type

Multifunctional building, house, cowshed

Construction System / Materials

Notched log construction, timber


cog joint construction
multifunctional house


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