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The farmhouse is a so called "nordlandslån" typical of the county of Nordland with its low upper floor side walls and smaller windows set close the eaves. It is a log house with board on board vertical cladding. The birch bark and turf roof is resting on board decking carried by joists spanning between the crossing log walls.

As was common with this kind of houses, it was built in several stages. The oldest part is to the north (right on this photo) and contains living room and kitchen with a porch on the ground floor and three bedrooms upstairs plus stairway and halls on both floors. Most of the rooms have vertical, moulded, wooden interior cladding with skirting boards etc in typical 19th century style. The oldest part of the house was built before the arrival of Knut Hamsun's family.

The first extension to the south is thought to have been built by Knut's father. This part of the house has two rooms separated by a wall built of boards on both floors.

The last extension was built at the beginning of the 1930s and on the inside it now has the hallmarks of the mid 20th century. However, the exterior was kept in the traditional regional look and only closer examination of the construction and detailing reveals its actual age.

Hamsund gård